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嗨,我是 Youi!

我想幫助你實踐追尋自由生活的計畫。而我唯一的問題是 —— 這是你「真的想做的事情」嗎?

Nothing will change unless you take an action.

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Change your mindset.

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Who is Youi Shih?

認識小房間創辦人 Youi Shih

Hi everyone, this is Youi! An activist, digital nomad, photographer, motion designer, blogger and coach.

I'm a big fan of planning, traveling, mountains and forests, basking in the sun, birds, and exploring the world of the mind and brain training.

In order to pursue a freedom, I chose to bravely follow the intuitive heart and voice, and took various experimental actions. I believe that the life only changes when people taking actions.

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